Cân Nông Sản JWE

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Cân Nông Sản JWE Jadever 3kg - 30kg
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Cân JWE Weighing Scale

3kg/0.1, 6kg/0.2, 15kg/0.5, 30kg/1g


- High resolution in 1/30000, fast reading

- Water-resistant durable keypad

- Large stainless steel weighing pan (with anti-cockroach design)

- A/D covered by aluminum plate, prevent PCB from static and moisture.

- Overload and transport devices

- Enhanced software designed for flexible weighing operations.

- Two filter levels

- Zero / Tare / Weighing / Percent weighing / Simple counting / Accumulation / Check weighing functions.

- HI/LO/OK setting can be stored

- HI/LO/OK alarm function

- Soft-ware filtering

- RS-232 interface (optional)

- High standard of accuracy in applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, food production, and metallurgy or any other use.

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